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Types of Water Fountains

Types of Water Fountains

After assessing the benefits of introducing a waterfall into your home, workplace, or other living area and deciding to purchase one, you should determine which type of fountain best suits your needs. offers the three industry-standard types: wall fountains, floor fountains, and table fountains.

wall fountains Wall Fountains
The majority of wall-mounted fountains are hand-crafted and make soothing water sounds. They come in a variety of natural materials including copper, slate, bronze and silver. Oftentimes wall fountains come in a panel-type construction, the customer can decide whether they prefer a one, two, three or more panel fountain. also offers custom fountains where customers can construct a fountain to their specifications. Wall fountains come in a variety of dimensions which can complement any size wall or decorating scheme.
Floor Fountains
Floor fountains are free standing and do not need to be hung or fastened to a wall. Thus floor fountains offer flexibility in placement that many people value. They can be moved from room to room, require no installation and minimal assembly. Floor fountains are available in a variety of natural materials including stone, copper and glass.
floor fountains
tabletop fountains Tabletop Fountains
Tabletop fountains are very versatile; they are effective on office desks to add soothing, constant sounds to a hectic workplace or as table accents at home. Some tabletop fountains can also be used as smaller wall fountains. Desks, nightstands, coffee tables, end tables, all look much better with a stylish, peaceful fountain atop it. A truly inspiring fountain can enhance the calm aesthetic of any room.

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