Valentine’s Day Water Fountain Gift Ideas

Towards the middle of January, some of you may have felt the misleading comfort of not having to buy anything for a major holiday. With Christmas and New Years in the rearview mirror (along with 99% of New Year’s Resolutions), most have felt a sense of relief. Some of us were even beginning to window shop for what they really wanted, having returned some of our less-than-thoughtful gifts. I am sorry, but a bathroom reader is not really a gift. It is a veiled attempt to criticize how long it takes one to go to the bathroom. Whether we like it or not, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This means that thoughtful partners will be reaping the reward of careful planning, while the procrastinators will be in for some face time with the sofa cushions. If you are looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, then a water fountain might help.

Option 1: Tabletop Fountains
These are superb gifts for the professional in your life. They work great in someone’s office, whether it be at home or away. The gentle trickle of water can help mask the buzzing noise of electronics that we just could not live without. Tabletop water fountains are also a great addition to the home. Once they are up and running, they require very little attention or fussing. This makes them a considerate gift as well. Who wants to spend Valentine’s Day struggling with an overly complicated gift?

Option 2: Custom Logo Fountains
Now this may seem like it is coming from left field, but a customized water fountain can be a really special gift. You can put words and images in solid black or in color. One idea is to put the receipt’s favorite quote or mantra on it. How many people own their own logo fountain? You can even put their birth sign or family crest on it. There are a lot of possibilities, and it will come down to the individual to determine what the right one is. This unique gift idea is sure to surprise and delight.

Of course, there are other water fountains that make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts. These examples are the most popular and unique, however. There are a variety of fountain trim and face colors and materials, so really shop around to find a combination your loved one will enjoy.