Fountains for Your Health

Water fountains are known for being great decorative pieces. They can make wonderful centerpieces or tasteful accents to almost any room. What some people do not know about indoor water fountains is that they can provide tangible benefits to your health. It is no secret that the air smells better around bodies of moving water. By adding a fountain to any room, even a tabletop fountain, you can make it a more comfortable environment to live or work in.

Wall water fountains can help improve air quality. The moving water helps emit water molecules into the air, acting like a humidifier. Dry air can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat. This is why the air near bodies of water seems so much more pleasant to breathe in. Living and working in areas with dry, dusty air may even have adverse health effects over time. Both the home and office are areas in which we spend a lot of time, so air quality is very important. This makes investing in a wall or floor fountain a smart choice for any place you spend large amounts of time in.

You may be wondering why a water fountain is preferable to just buying a humidifier. In my article on white noise, I explained how water fountains can help improve the audible aspects of the home or office. White noise is generated from the trickling water, which cuts through the buzzing noises of electronics and appliances. These devices emit frequencies on the upper and lower fringes of human hearing, which can be annoying or even headache inducing. The noise from a fountain has spectral properties that cut right through these noises without being loud. The result is lowered anxiety and overall less annoyance.

If you are still not sure whether an indoor water fountain is right for your home or office, our resource center has a wealth of information in order to help you make an informed decision. You can find more information on sizes, styles, and how to choose a water fountain that fits your budget and space. If you are looking for a great looking solution to poor air quality and noise pollution, then a water fountain might be your solution.