Getting the Most out of Wall Fountain Installations

Adding a wall fountain to your home, organization, or business can be very exciting! Along with excitement comes expectations, and wherever there are expectations, there is always the possibility for reality to rear its ugly head and shatter them. Thankfully, all of our fountains include instructions for proper installation. Aside from that, there are a few pointers that can help you get the most out of your new water fountain.

Before you fountain arrives, it is a good idea to already decide where you want it. Most wall fountains are heavy, and it can be frustrating to keep moving them from room to room. Our wall fountains do not require plumbing construction, so you never have to worry about having serious work done on your home or building to install one. They do require a standard electrical outlet, which means you will have to run the cord along the wall. There is another option, however. Installing a GFCI electrical outlet behind the wall fountain’s location will allow you to keep the power cord concealed. This will give your fountain an almost magical look, as it will appear to be running all by itself. Not only is this a cleaner option, it can also be pretty practical. By wiring this outlet to a wall switch, you will never have to reach behind the fountain to turn it off! Any local electrician should be able to do this for you.

Your other option is to cover the hanging cord with a plant, end table, or some other decor. This is more economical, but it may make the area look too crowded. Once you have planned for how your fountain area will be set up, simply follow the instructions included with your fountain. All the installation hardware should be included, and they are designed so no professional installation is required. We do recommend that you have at least one other person to help you hold the fountain. One last tip, remember to level your fountain! Remember, it may be a little extra work, but having a great looking wall fountain is worth it.