Holiday Gift Idea: Tabletop Fountains

If you are like me and you try to avoid the Black Friday crowds, then you might have a few people left on your list this holiday season. Getting a little something for everyone can be a challenge, especially for extended family and people who say they “don’t want anything.” Unless you want your reputation to be the Sock King (or Queen), Cheese and Sausage Czar, or Gift Card [Insert Head of State], then you need an idea to save the day. A tabletop fountain is a great gift for practically everyone. Here is how it can save you from shopping madness.

There are quite a number of reasons that a small tabletop fountain is a convenient gift idea. Almost anyone uses some sort of desk, or has an end table or spare surface area in their home. These small fountains are easy to place, and are a nonintrusive addition to any room. The trouble with buying something for someone’s home is that if they do not like it, it becomes obvious to almost all parties. Large paintings or furniture are a lot harder to tuck away subtlety. We cannot guarantee that everyone will love the fountain you have chosen, but even if they do not, it will not become a nuisance, and no one will get their feelings hurt. Worst case scenario, they might use it in their office instead.

Tabletop fountains also require very little maintenance. They can run for a long amount of time, and only need to be filled occasionally to compensate for evaporation. No one wants a chore for a gift, and these small fountains will not become one. It is a sign of thoughtfulness to consider this before gifting. Also consider the fact that a fountain is a luxury gift. A lot of people tend not to buy such self-indulgent things, so they will be happy to unwrap a new tabletop fountain. Adding a fountain, even a small one, can improve the tranquility of a room. They release moisture into the air, which can make a room or stuffy office more breathable. They also provide white noise to help clear and focus your mind.

Giving someone a tabletop fountain this season is an easy way to make everyone happy. You will feel less stressed about giving a thoughtful gift, and your recipient is sure to find something they love. In the end, being less stressed this time of year is important. Having peace of mind will let you focus on what really matters in your life, your friends and family.