Top 5 Specialty Fountains

Not everyone wants the same, carbon-copy fountain. Adding a specialty fountain to your home, patio, or garden can really help define your sense of style. People will visit your home and have something specific to remember it by. Some are quirky and can give your house a little bit of character. Other specialty fountains are more artistic and can be the last piece in your home design puzzle. Here are our top five specialty fountains, decided by you, the consumer!

#5 Shadow Indoor Amber Wall Fountain
The theme behind this unique fountain is Fire and Water. It has a gothic atmosphere, like it belongs inside an old European church or a hidden monastery. The textured glass and trickling water reflect the candlelight, bringing these two opposites together. It is popular with those who have an eclectic taste. The rustic style and wall mount design come together to give you a unique decorative fountain.
#4 Canterbury Outdoor Wall Fountain
This is a quaint wall fountain with an old world style. A copper spigot fills up the basin that overflows to the bottom tray. This is piece is modeled after the cathedral of its namesake. It even has lighting for added effect. At 35 inches tall, it is a regal addition to any wall. The rustic cement finish really looks great outside. The bottom also hold polished river stones. This makes a great garden fountain.
#3 Central Square Wall Fountain Bronze
This is a quintessential modern wall fountain, but it still retains a certain uniqueness about it. The textured fountain face is looks intriguing underneath the trickle of water. Its simple geometry draws the eye to it without dominating the room. The copper frame is also easy to coordinate with a lot of different decors. Typically, our specialty fountains do not fall in line with modern fountains, but this one retains its status through its unique fountain face and minimalist design.
#2 Bellezza Stone Wall Fountain
The Bellezza really stands apart from other specialty fountains. Its Renaissance style can take you to the Italian countryside. The stone finish and copper face combine for a rustic aesthetic. Its lighting makes it a great fountain to enjoy during the day and night. It really flourished near a garden or with climbing vines. Place this in a garden if you want to turn it into a private retreat.
#1 Vestaglia Wall Fountain
The word vestaglia is Italian for “gown,” and the robed figures in this outdoor wall fountain give it its unique shape and style. The fountain features four otherworldly figures pouring water through a series of vases. This fountain goes great with homes that have a rustic Italian look. If you have an outdoor grill or pool, this is a great way to add a little more decoration.